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Personal Training at Manassas Mixed Martial Arts

At Manassas Mixed Martial Arts, our personal training program features the top coaches, instructors and personal trainers in the area. Whether you are interested in weight loss, general physical fitness, athletic strength and conditioning training for improved sports performance, or have the desire and drive to become a competitive martial artist or strength athlete, we can custom tailor a program to meet your needs.

If you have struggled to reach your goals, if you have struggled to lose weight, if you’ve struggled to gain strength and improve you fitness level, we have the trainers, programs, facilities, and environment you need to get the results you desire. Frankly, we have seen what many of the other trainers, gyms, fitness centers and personal training facilities in the area have to offer and like many of you, we have been disappointed.

Here at Manassas Mixed Martial Arts we designed our facility, our team, and our programs around a singular mission. That mission is, in a phrase, the pursuit of excellence. We aim to provide our members with access to the same training knowledge, methods, protocols, and equipment that have often been reserved for just select individuals. It is our belief that with these tools, even the so-called average individual can achieve extraordinary results. We refuse fall into the trap of setting artificial limits for ourselves or our members, as has so often been done by those in the mainstream fitness and wellness industry.

Come to Mixed Martial Arts and try a free hour long work out, meet the staff, talk to our training clients and judge for yourself. Learn about how we have achieved exceptional results for our trainees – from middle-aged housewives to UFC veterans, competitive strength athletes to weekend warriors, collegiate prospects to weight-loss clients.

This is your call to arms! Today can be the day you start your fitness revolution! Today is is the day to take back your life and you body!

Personal Training Staff at Manassas Mixed Martial Arts

Personal Trainer: Josh Wehrmann

Josh has been working and training in the strength and fitness industry for over 11 years and in that time has logged over 20,000 hours of one-on-one, group personal training, and strength and conditioning sessions. Josh believes that a strength and conditioning approach works exceptionally well for all clients, not just athletes. He has successfully trained and achieved superior results with men, women, seniors, teens, and athletes of all levels and ages.

Besides his strength and conditioning experience, Josh is a nationally recognized Nutritionist and has over seven years of experience helping clients achieve their weight loss goals. Josh is nationally certified through the American Counsel on Exercise, and the National Personal Training Institute, has a background in Exercise Science and is a Certified Strength Specialist. Josh also spends countless hours researching training and medical journals, going to clinics, taking re-certifications, speaking to other coaches in the industry and keeping his thumb on the pulse of competitive athletics (both as a competitor and coach) to give his clients an edge over their goals.

After starting in athletics with football, track and field, and weightlifting clubs, Josh has spent time as a collegiate level athlete, trainer, coach, competitive Powerlifter, and most recently a competitive Strongman. Josh has leveraged his passion for athletics and his passion as a Strength and Conditioning Coach to develop workout programs that bring his challenging style of training to anyone. Though keeping to his roots Josh still trains and occasionally competes in Powerlifting; his newest endeavor of Strongman has further evolved his training methods, something lost in your common and overly stagnant personal trainer. The mission of Josh’s Personal Training program is to provide the general public access to the same training methods, protocols, and equipment that have often been reserved for elite athletes. It is his belief that these methods can help the average individual achieve extraordinary results. He does not and will not shy away from pushing his clients beyond artificial limits, those they have set for themselves and especially those set by the mainstream fitness industry. Josh’s goal is to achieve exceptional results for his clients from UFC veterans to middle-aged housewives, competitive strength athletes to weekend warriors, collegiate prospects to weight-loss clients.


  • 3 Time Virginia Powerlifting State Champion USAPL
  • 2 Time Richmond Open Powerlifting Champion USAPL
  • 2 Time Virginia Open Powerlifting Champion USAPL
  • 2 Time Mid Atlantic Powerlifting Champion USAPL
  • SHW Jr. Class Virginia State Deadlift and Total Record Holder USAPL


  • 2012 Capitol Classic Strongman Challenge – 5th Overall

Personal Trainer: Dave Trader

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