Judo at Manassas Mixed Martial Arts

Judo throwManassas Mixed Martial Arts features the Manassas area’s best Judo program. Our classes are taught by 2nd Dan Kodokan Black Belt Victor Matamala. With over 20 years of Judo experience, Victor is able to provide both beginner and advanced students with expert level instruction in fundamental Judo techniques as well as instruction in competition variations, competition strategies and time tested training protocols.

Whether you are interested in training Judo for self defense purposes, as a means to get in shape, in order to round out your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or MMA skills or if you have aspirations of becoming a top-level Judo, BJJ, or MMA competitor, our Judo program at Manassas Mixed Martial Arts will exceed your expectations.

Come join our program and:

  • receive expert instruction from experienced competitors.
  • train with others of similar experience and skill level in a friendly environment at just the right pace for you.
  • join of team of like-minded, goal oriented individuals.
  • enjoy convenient evening and weekend Judo classes to suit almost any schedule

Judo: Manassas Judo Club

At Manassas Mixed Martial Arts our grappling at doesn’t end with our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program. Our very own Manassas Judo Club features a top-notch program led by 2nd Dan Kodokan black belt Victor Matamala.

Judo: The Gentle Way

Our Judo program will teach you how to bring down your opponent with a devastating combination of throws, trips and foot sweeps while using maximum leverage and efficiency.

Adult Judo Belt Ranking System:

Practitioners of Judo (Jūdōka) are ranked according to skill and knowledge of the art. Their rank is indicated by the color of belt that they wear. There are two broad categories of rank: those who have attained a level of competency at which they are considered worthy of a black belt and who hold dan grades and those who are yet to attain that level and who hold kyū grades. Those who hold dan grades are collectively termed Yūdansha (literally “person who has rank”) and those with kyū grades are Mudansha, literally “person with no rank”.

kyū grades

Nanakyū Rokkyū Gokyū Yonkyū Sankyū Nikyū Ikkyū
Judo white belt.svg Judo yellow belt.svg Judo orange belt.svg Judo green belt.svg Judo brown belt.svg Judo brown belt.svg Judo brown belt.svg
dan grades
Shodan Nidan Sandan Yondan Godan Rokudan Shichidan Hachidan Kyūdan Jūdan
Judo black belt.svg Black belt 2nd dan.svg Black belt 3rd dan.svg Black belt 4th dan.svg Black belt 5th dan.svg Judo red white belt.svg Judo red white belt.svg Judo red white belt.svg Judo red belt.svg Judo red belt.svg

So don’t settle for a lesser program that lacks the complete multi-discipline grappling system we offer. Don’t settle for a grappling program that attempts to pass off sub-par instruction, a sub-par curriculum, and a sub-par facility – they will only provide sub-par results. Come join the program with expert instructors who are committed to helping you reach your goals and who have the knowledge, skills, tools you need. Come join the program with proven results! Come join Manassas Judo Club!