Boxing at Manassas Mixed Martial Arts

Manassas BoxingManassas Mixed Martial Arts offers the Manassas area’s best Boxing program. In fact, we are the only actual boxing program in the Manassas area. Other gyms try to pass off their fitness boxing workout classes or kickboxing classes as “boxing” classes, but we both know their is only one sweet science. If you are passionate about boxing, if you always wanted to learn how to box, come join our Boxing program at Manassas Mixed Martial Arts.

Our Boxing classes are led by one of the area most experienced and knowledgeable instructors – Arturo Ayala. With over 15 years of Boxing experience, Arturo is able to provide new and experienced students with expert level instruction in the Boxing fundamentals, as well as advanced offensive and defensive skills. With a background in both Boxing and Muay Thai competition, Arturo can provide you with all the knowledge needed to defend yourself on the street or to compete in the ring.

Whether you are interested in joing our Boxing program for self defense, as a means to get in shape, in order to round out your MMA skills or with aspirations of becoming a Boxing or MMA competitor, our Boxing program at Manassas Mixed Martial Arts will exceed your expectations.

Come join our program and:

  • receive expert instruction from experienced competitors.
  • train with others of similar experience and skill level in a friendly environment at just the right pace for you.
  • join of team of like-minded, goal oriented individuals.
  • enjoy convenient evening and weekend Boxing classes to suit almost any schedule

Boxing: The Sweet Science

Although our program will get you in the best shape of your life, it offers much more than the cardio boxing programs you find at well known franchise boxing gyms.

Boxing: Your First Class – What to Expect

Congratulations on taking the step to start training. For the average person who has never boxed or been in a boxing gym, stepping through the door for they first time can be an intimidating experience. Don’t let that deter you. When you step through the door at Manassas Mixed Martial Arts, I can guarantee you will find our gym to be filled with a friendly team of students who joined our gym for the same reason you will: the area’s best instructors, the best facility, the best workout, combined with the camaraderie offered by a great group of students pursuing common goals. I would like to address the most common concerns that new students typically experience.

#1 Am I going to get beat up by more experienced students?
One very common misconception is that you are going to join a boxing gym only to suffer a painful beatings at the hands of more experienced students. The fact is no one will ever be required to participate in live sparring. Should you wish to participate, you will only be allowed in the ring after you are fully qualified, and then under complete supervision. You will likely be sparring with more advanced students, but they will be there to help you learn, give you pointers, and help you with defense – not to beat you up.

#1 I’m out of shape.
Don’t worry, very are already physically fit when they start one of our programs. In fact, most people join the program because they want to shed a few pounds, be more active, increase their endurance, and improve their overall health. We will push you to do all of these things, but in a manner that gives your body time to adjust.

#2 I’ve never trained before.
Believe me when I say this is not an issue. Over 95% of our students had no prior marital arts experience when they joined our program.

#3 I don’t know anyone else in the class.
The people in the class are people a lot like you. They want to get in shape, learn a practical and effective means of self-defense, meet like minded people, and they may even have aspirations of competing in Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts events.

Finally, its ok to be a little anxious or nervous on your first day. But I promise that when you walk through the door, meet our friendly staff, are introduced to your fellow students, and participate in your first class, you will see that their is no reason for worry. In fact, you will probably be kicking yourself for not coming in sooner.

Above all, be sure to take the pressure off of yourself and just enjoy your first class – Boxing is supposed to be fun!